Sampulan! (Piolo Vs. Saturnino)

I will not start this article with the culprit’s name because he does not need anymore attention at this point. His trending is already way beyond what he has earned. I’m sure his company has the whiff of it by now and I’m pretty sure he isn’t reading any of your hate-via-SMS. So there is no point helping the cause na isuplong ‘tong mokong na ‘to sa boss nya.
Okay, six fake fat-bully accounts later it hit me: this suare, again, shows the Filipino double standard. Here is an officer of the law, who is expected to somehow embody the spirit of the strong, being assaulted by a guy who falls somewhere between the standard of the schoolyard bully and the chump-we-to-yell-at-because-of-being-unable-to-jump-above-an-inch-and-a-half. The thinking is that that fat guy has no right to do that – sa akin nya gawin yun, tignan natin. He don’t look that tough. Kinakaya nya lang yung kawawang MMDA, nagtratrabaho lang yun. 

The Filipino sense of machismo was assaulted by a pork-dork in a Volvo. We could not believe that he victimized someone who wore that uniform that terrifies motorists into nearly driving into MRT gutters. This guy put into motion a macho-motorist’s wet dream. But this guy did not fit the profile of the action star he went on to play. He was not about to change our minds into a new definition of matapang or matikas.  
Would the raving been the same if the assailant had better weight-to-height proportion? 

Come to think of it, why is everyone jumping up and down this frenetically about what he did? Is it really because of sympathy for Fabros? Was it really for respect for law enforcement? Was it really for upholding Filipino values? 

We all know there is so much disdain going around for Filipino law enforcement that if it was discipline we’d make Singapore look like . We all know deep inside gusto din natin silang masapak minsan dahil sa iba’t ibang kapalpakan. Asar na asar tayo sa pink at sa mga bus stop na napakalayo sa istasyon ng tren. All of these we tend to loom deep in us as we stare knives at its most visible representatives: the traffic enforcers.

If the Filipino values system finds bullying a wrong in this case, it is absurd that the same was the basis of the all-out inquisition of Pio Pascual during his break-up with KC. It was the same platform that was forcing the actor into admitting to be part of an aggregate that was largely met with discrimination, fear and, even more bullying. The actor was caught in catch 22 versus a nation who was hatefully interrogating him into admitting to be something that they hated.

Madamidaming sampalan ito.

Mula dito ang litrato.

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Guadalupe with Skull Mask: Arm

Our Lady of Guadalupe with a twist - it has a skull mask similar to the ones used in the day of the dead celebration in Mexico - inspired by Sylvia G. - Mike

Body Canvass: Adrian Lomuntad
Excution and Design: Mike Mendoza
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Fortune Cat: Arm

A cartoon version of the lucky cat statues, the shiny ones with a waving hand we often see in stores near the cash register.

Body Canvass: Adrian Lomuntad

Excution and Design: Mike Mendoza
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Text, Tree Silhouette: Backpiece

The wordings consist of random phrases and sentences with different skateboarding brands as interstitials. The dead tree silhouette represents Abby and the sunset background what used to be her hard life in Dubai - still a work in progress. – Mike Mendoza
Body Canvass - Abby Sonza
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Blessed: Arm

Designed by my Australian client also residing in Dubai. The word ‘blessed’ is rendered to look Arabic into the form of a cross. - Mike Mendoza
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Geisha/Oni transformation: Arm

Custom designed for Zandro, a guitarist for a local band here in Dubai named TUGPAK, also a friend of mine. The design was inspired by a Japanese myth where in a geisha transforms into an Oni (demon), as a punishment for jealousy. - Mike Mendoza
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Oriental: Arm Sleeve

Artist: Dice
Body Canvass: Pol Faustino
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September 12, 9am-2pm
RAM CHAVES (performing songs from his upcoming album)
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