Black and white with The Lowtechs

Presenting a translation of ANNMO’s interview with Gelo Lagasca, frontman of our featured band The Lowtechs.

ANNMO: Is there relevance with using white guitars?

Gelo Lagasca: It so happened that our guitars were white. (A) Coincidence, so to speak.

A: Everyone wears black during performances, why?

G: So that its more noticed that our guitars are white, we wear black most of the time.

(We will be deleting the third question for its utter lack of sense.)

A: Lets assume you need to recommend the Lowtech’s sound to the great grandmother of the attendant at Ministop Maginhawa St. How would you go about this?

G: I'll give her our album. Its up to her if she plays it.

G: Tell us about what listeners can expect from Anniversary of the Machinery.

Expect that my singing has matured and that all the songs are in English. The songs are about the lives of the working class. The are also songs about spirituality as well as ones with social relevance.

Gelo Lagasca is currently employed by NU 107 for graphic design and owns Shirts Shrapnel, a shirt printing firm.

Here's a better interview with Gelo Lagasca.

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