Stars, Sun, Aries, Traditional Filipino: Arm Sleeve

By Dyun of 55 Tinta

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  1. correct me if im wrong but from my research i have found that there are 3 main regional designs luzon mindanow and visaya's? i wanted to know how you determine which is which and where i can find the patterns? i am in canada but i want a filipino tribal design. any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. did got any reply.?

  3. Yeah they vary from island to island, they even vary from tribe to tribe.

    Luzon: the ancient tattooing from this part of the islands are the most researched of all the other islands. Its still practiced in the Cordillera Valleys but its slowly dying. They use a lot of python skin patterns, and centipede pattern. they also have alot VVV and XXX pattern. a lot of head hunting tribes from this region.

    Visayas: The Spanish first encountered islanders from this region of the Philippines. They immediately called it "island of the painted ones" when they saw the heavily tattooed natives. lots of VVVV patterns and floral patterns, and circular patterns and what not.

    Mindanao: Probably least researched of all, the southern tip of the Philippines. lots of floral designs...but the most indegineous tribes uses lots of lines and fern patterns, and alos lots of VVV, III, XXX as well.

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